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As an Tarot Master as a result of graduating from Richard Knight’s Tarot Academy (the UK’s Premier Tarot Reader and Acclaimed Psychic Medium), Unique Insights can offer Intuitive Tarot readings to individual clients or to larger groups as part of the Tarot Party and Corporate event services on offer.

Unique Insights has many different Tarot spreads to hand based on the question the client is seeking to answer.  Tarot cards work at their best if there is a question to address although they can offer general guidance too.  In addition, and to add another aspect to any reading, Unique Insights use a few different Oracle card decks which can help to give further evidence to the client of how their path is stretching out in front of them.

Our Services

Unique Insights can make your life good. Choose from the following services

Standard individual reading

Treat yourself to some life and love guidance by having an individual reading by Unique Insights. Readings usually take 45 mins to 1 hour.

Corporate Tarot Readings
Corporate Readings

Give your staff members something a little different by engaging Unique Insights for Tarot readings for your staff gathering.  Prices dependant on number of attendees and location.  Price on application.

Birthday Parties/ Weddings/ Family and Friend Gatherings

Offer your guests some insights into their lives by inviting Unique Insights to read their cards for them!  Prices dependent on number of attendees and location.  Price on application.

Tarot Parties
Tarot Parties

Enjoy an intimate evening with 5 or more of your friends.  Grab a glass of wine, perhaps some nibbles and invite Unique Insights to bring some spice to the evening.

Prices dependent on number of attendees and location.  Price on application.

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Transformative Life Coaching

No-one can tell when the transformation will happen.  It could be immediate, it could take some time.   Invest in your future by booking a 10-session transformative coaching course and see off the issues that have been marring your progress through life, holding you back, making you feel stuck, allowing yourself to get in your own way.

The 10 sessions can be rolled up in to a focussed 2-day intensive course.  Or they can be offered over a period of time on a once, twice or three-times a week basis – its up to you.

Transformative Life Coaching