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As a graduate of the Ali Campbell Life Coaching Academy (Ali Campbell is one of the world’s leading life coaches and NLP’ers, who believes it’s all about RESULTS and he has helped countless celebrities, business leaders, and even royalty around the world!), Fiona from Unique Insights is well placed to help clients transform. Not to help them exhibit or perform differently in any particular task; not to move forward in a linear progression; not to take incremental steps on a journey to somewhere that they think they want to go, but solely to help them. This is because there is a sharp contrast between transformational coaching and performance coaching.

With regard to performance coaching, coaches help an individual get better at something. Conversely, when it comes to transformational life coaching, coaches help someone get better. All true change happens from the inside out. Unless we, as coaches, orientate the emphasis of our work in this way, then we will just run up against the barriers of the irrational, the emotional, and that which can’t be logically controlled – our subconscious mind. When working as a transformational coach, and working from the ‘in-side out,’ we don’t just help an individual get better at a specific task; we empower people to get better at being them. We help the person find the truest, most authentic version of themselves. It’s a bit like helping them to be themselves, (but themselves on a good day), on their best day; and to be that version of themselves much more of the time.

Unique Insights employs the Three Principles methodology first crafted by Sydney Banks and developed by Ali Campbell where we firstly have to understand the interplay between the Three Principles, namely: The Principle of Mind, The Principle of Consciousness, and The Principle of Thought. 

Mind, Consciousness and Thought, interact with each other to create our experience of the world. Just as some people are scared of spiders, and others are not; and some individuals are scared of heights and some are not; and some are terrified of buttons, baked beans, or bananas, and most are not; such things in, and of, themselves, are not inherently scary; it’s our thoughts about these things that are the issue. And that’s where we start to transform our life, by addressing these three principles.

Unique Insights also offers NLP services (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy having graduated from the Centre of Excellence with a Distinction in NLP practice and again having joined Ali Campbell Training to build skills in Hypnotherapy and Rapid Induction therapy, which all form part of the Life Coaching practice.

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UNIQUE INSIGHTS​ can offer a bespoke service to each and every client based on their specific needs.