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Once you shed the thoughts and habits that have been holding you back, the sky is the limit for you, to allow you to live your best life.

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We are all helped and guided by the energies around us, honestly it is your right and your duty to find happiness.


Welcome to Unique Insights and welcome to my website.

For many, many years I have had an interest in Spirit connection, in Psychic Development, in the workings of the Tarot, in Astrology, in Healing and generally being able to serve others by developing and utilising the gift that we are all born with, but which disappears at an early age unless it is nurtured.

As a child I used to watch mesmerised as my grandfather – who would swear he was the seventh son of a seventh son (which was a bit of artistic licence on his side) – would read the tea leaves for people who came to visit.  He also proclaimed himself to be a Horse Whisperer and took the Horseman’s Word to his grave with him, so powerful was his belief and his oath to that calling.

And finally I succumbed to the calling and have been on a fantastic journey ever since.  And I will be forever grateful to Ali Campbell (celebrity life coach) and Richard Knight (celebrity spiritual medium), who have both been my teachers on this amazing journey and have entrusted me and others like me with their wealth of knowledge and experience in this thing called life and being able to help others in their times of need. 

Acknowledgement also to other members of the Academies (in particular Rose Daykin and Graham Seamus O’Naughton – my fellow students and out-of-this-world practitioners) for their unconditional and unfaltering support, love and guidance as we travel this road together.


As an Tarot Master as a result of graduating from Richard Knight’s Tarot Academy (the UK's Premier Tarot Reader and Acclaimed Psychic Medium), Unique Insights can offer Intuitive Tarot readings to individual clients or to larger groups as part of the Tarot Party and Corporate event services on offer. Unique Insights has many different Tarot spreads to hand based on the question the client is seeking to answer. Tarot cards work at their best if there is a question to address although they can offer general guidance too. In addition, and to add another aspect to any reading, Unique Insights use a few different Oracle card decks which can help to give further evidence to the client of how their path is stretching out in front of them.

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